American Teledata Store Investment Opportunities

American Teledata Store is currently looking for private investors to expand its operations to other locations, add additional management and the build out of a world wide business – class shopping cart. The revenue required is to provide for the web designers to design-build the shopping cart as well as provide for the payroll of sales, marketing and executive positions. We also plan to add additional locations nationwide in the next 5 years. We have a proven business model and will provide Marketing Pro forma’s and Business Plans to qualified investors.

Since much of our success and business plan foundation is intellectual property and confidential, it is imperative all information provided you by American Teledata Store is kept confidential. We ask our potential business partners adhere to our strict policy of not sharing our information with anythird party.

Besides American Teledata Store ATD management owns over 500 telecommunications and data related domains which we would like to launch and build shopping carts for them as well. Our first project is to build and launch a shopping cart that can accommodate 200,000 products which require substantial financial investment which we require at this time. ATS can triple the sales with the shopping cart alone.
First year annual estimated sales from our shopping cart alone would be over $ 5 million. Second year projects shopping cart sales of $ 10 million. We have information and industry fact to substantiate these numbers. One competittor that has been in business since 2002 is strictly a “shopping cart” based company and is now processing more than $ 40 million per year in shopping cart sales- and this is in a down turn or recession economy as now. If the USA pulls out of this recession and companies begin building and expanding, rest assured shopping cart purchases in telecom gear will skyrocket. In 2002-2005 ATS elected not to invest into shopping technology because of the fraud and security weaknesses. With the advent of 256 Bit Encryption and more stringent security features coming online each year , shopping cart are now deemed ” safe and secure”. We decided in order to get this started we needed a budget of more than $ 100,000.00 for a world class cart startup cost plus support and operational team personnel costs.

We feel that to compete in the global marketplace of $ 1.3 Trillion Annual Sales we have to offer a solution of a blend of brick and mortar sales operations, SEO- search engine optimization ( We have proven skill sets in this) along with world class shopping carts(s). Recent research shows that most IT managers and contractors make a decision to buy from your web site within 5-10 seconds of coming to our site. Further research shows that 7 (seven ) out of 10 (ten) IT managers will elect not to call a company for product information if they do not offer a shopping cart. That means we are losing 7 out of 10 customers.

We are looking for active and passive investors to include executive management, sales management, operations management and support, web- design staff and sales and support executives.

As of July 1, 2012 we are updating our ads on and to begin to accelerate this funding process.

Please call us at (866) 342-3721 or send an email to for further information