10/100BaseT/TX to 100BaseFX PCI Based Media Converters


Signamax Connectivity Systems’ Switching PCI Fiber Optic Media Converters are an excellent solution for fiber-to-the-desktop installations where the workstation computers have pre-installed Network Interfaces. These media converters are inserted into one of the PC’s available PCI slots, and a copper patch cable is used to connect the media converter to the existing network interface jack on the PC’s motherboard or in an adjoining PCI slot. The fiber optic cable then connects to the fiber-based cabling plan for network connectivity. Avoids the need for fiber NIC driver maintenance in environments where PCs are used in both fiber- and copper–connected areas. These converters are designed to handle both legacy 10BaseT and 100BaseTX Fast Ethernet devices on their twisted pair port while maintaining 100BaseFX Fast Ethernet transmission on the fiber optic port. Plug-and-play simplicity makes connection easy.

Each Media Converter provides a 10/100BaseT/TX auto-negotiating RJ-45 twisted-pair connector port with Auto-MDIX capability for convenient connection. Built-in 10/100 switch enables the fiber cable connection to operate at 100 Mbps connected to either a 10BaseT or a 100BaseTX network, while remaining completely 100BaseFX standard-compliant.

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