Our ABA Product Line



LAN Cable
Our LAN cables, which exceed the standards of
ANSI/EIA/TIA 568A/B, are used on vertical
cables, horizontal cables, backbone cables,
patch cords, and connecting work areas. They
perform all application standards of networks
such as 10-BaseT, Fast Ethernet,
100Vg-AnyLAN, Token ring, TP-PMD, 100Mbs
CDDI, ISDN, ATM155, ATM622, Gigabit Ethernet
and a variety of MHz (100MHz, 350 MHz, and
Gigabit) to select and different combustion
levels (CMX, CM, CMR, CMP) for different
applications and environments. As well, we
manufacturer STP cable to prevent from the
interference of electro-magnetism and static
electricity. LAN cables transcommunicate vocal
messages, digital data, picture and video
media and have gradually taken the place of
traditional telephone wires in modern buildings
and offices.

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